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Adventure Prep: Summer Surf Program

Are you ready to ride the waves this summer? Adapt’s Summer Surf Program is here to transform your surfing dreams into reality. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or looking to catch your first wave, our expertly designed 8-week program will prepare you for the ultimate surfing adventure. Sign up now to learn more about how you can participate in this extraordinary experience!

What is Adventure Prep?


This program blends expert guidance with specialized neurorehabilitation therapy and coaching, ensuring a comprehensive approach to physical and mental preparation. We incorporate educational seminars and hands-on activities, all aimed at enhancing your capabilities and enjoyment of adaptive adventures.


Spots are limited, and we encourage early registration to secure your place in this unique program. Whether you're looking to tackle new challenges or simply want to enjoy the thrill of adaptive surfing, our program is designed to support your ambitions.

For more information and to register, please contact our Member Services team. Let's make this summer one to remember!

Key Dates

June 30

Welcome Dinner, meet your team mates, trainers and coaches.

July 1

Beginning of Program. Start of your 8 weeks of training at Adapt.

Jul 20 & 28

Practice Surf Sessions with Waves4All & Stoke For Life.

Aug 17 & 25

Practice Surf Sessions with Waves4All & Stoke For Life.

Sep 5-8

US Open Adaptive Surfing Championships in Oceanside.


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Don't miss this chance to transform your summer into an unforgettable adventure.

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