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Our Services

Adapt's Offering of Neurological Rehabilitation Services

A man with a spinal cord injury standing and holding on to some rings with his trainers support.

Functional Movement Therapy

We use specific, proven, re-training and re-education sequences of developmental movement patterns and positional coordination techniques to target and restore loss of function in the neuromuscular systems.

A woman with a spinal cord injury is using a rower with the help of some assistive gloves and her trainer.
A woman with a spinal cord injury is using a large red ball to do russian twists during a group workout.

Strength & Conditioning

Sessions include a custom series of exercises to improve overall strength and functional movements above the level of injury to provide a strong foundation for activities of daily living.

A woman with a spinal cord injury is smiling during a group adaptive workout.
A man with ALS is smiling as his trainer uses a foam roller to relive tension in his legs.

Stretch & Release

Assisted stretching and release routines are designed to improve overall freedom of movement, reduce pain and aid in recovery. Overtime and through balancing the body out into proper alignment there are benefits carried over onto your mental and physical well-being.

A man with a spinal cord injury is having his legs stretched on a therapy table.
A woman with MS receives EMS therapy from a PowerDot device on her lower legs.

EMS & FES Therapy

Sessions in which low level electrical impulses are applied to targeted nerves or muscles to improve or restore muscle activation and strength below the level of diagnosis.

A man is receiving EMS therapy on his bicep from a PowerDot device.
A man with a spinal cord injury is using a Real Virtual Reality therapy system during his session with an Adapt trainer.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Adapt is home to the REAL System, an advanced rehabilitation technology that uses virtual reality. Activities support full body rehabilitation with a focus on strengthening, range of motion, cognition, postural control and balance.

A man looks tired and happy after his virtual reality therapy session with an Adapt trainer.
A woman with a spinal cord injury is doing bicep curls in her living room while her husband reads a magazine in the background.

Immersion Home Program

Virtual telehealth sessions allow you to interact with your practitioner from the comfort of your home. Sessions include Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Functional Movement Training, and Emotional Wellness.

Printable personalized home exercise program with detailed instructions, illustrative phot
A woman is receive a neck massage from a massage therapist.

Massage Therapy

Our wellbeing is directly connected to the tissue, emotionally and physically. Our therapists incorporate multiple modalities, including integrating Eastern and Western healing philosophies, to help achieve the ideal session for each client. 

Claudia Leal, a massage therapist smiles for the camera.
Erin Gray is stretching and doing a yoga pose.

Energy Work & Yoga

So much of our emotional and physical traumas can be addressed within the energetic field. With the use of yogic practice and ancient healing techniques, we can address and treat symptoms from all angles.

Erin Gray sits at a table in the sunlight during an energry work session.
Michelle York, a psychologist, delivers an emotional wellness session to her patient.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness enhances the benefits of Adapt's integrative approach to somatic treatment and healing. Our clinicians offer individual, couples, family and group counseling as members navigate the complexity of their injury or diagnosis.

An Adapt member relaxes in a ground therapy chair and is participating in a guided meditation session.
Koree Ringer, a physical therapist.

Physical Therapy

Through our partnership with Rehab United, Adapt is home to a team of on-site physical therapists who collaborate with our team to provide a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. 

Chanel Monica_edited.webp
Audrey Mathess an occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapy

With the addition of occupational therapy this partnership promotes a truly integrative experience for our members, this is unique to our center and allows for excellence in continued care. 

Lizzy Morrissy a speech therapist.


Rehab United provides access to a range of insurance based services, including speech pathology, all delivered on-site at Adapt.


Ready to get started?

Reach out to our Member Services Coordinator to book a tour of our facility today. 

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