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A wheelchair user enters the Adapt facility and is greeted by a receptionist.

Visiting Program

For visitors to the San Diego region 

A man with a spinal cord injury is doing a workout holding weights in his hands. He is supported by an Adapt trainer.

A Visiting Program to suit your every need. 

Adapt is an international leader in neurological recovery, and our members travel from all parts of the globe to access our services. 

We have specially designed programs to cater to our visiting members every need. As well as accessing all the components of a local program, we have a suite of extra services to help you prioritize your recovery and make Adapt your new home away from home.

Visiting Program Highlights

A woman with multiple sclerosis is being pushed in her wheelchair by an Adapt trainer.
A wheelchair user is serving herself some food from an outdoor food buffet.
A man with a spinal cord injury is using a standing frame with assistance from his trainer.
An Adapt trainer is using a foam roller on a man with ALS who is laughing and smiling.

Adapt Beyond

Explore San Diego, California's beach city - where blue skies and friendly locals create a welcoming vibe. 







With near perfect weather year-round, 70 miles of spectacular coastline, world-class attractions and a thriving urban core, complete with a sophisticated art, dining and nightlife scene, San Diego has earned the name California’s beach city. 

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A woman with a spinal cord injury is using a standing frame and smiling.

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