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Local Program

For residents of the San Diego region 

An Adapt trainer is helping a wheelchair user stretch on a therapy table. Another Adapt trainer looks on.

Be part of the recovery community here at Adapt.

Our state of the art facility and experienced staff are available in San Diego county. Our Neurological Recovery Specialists will design programs that fit each individual's needs on a recurring or sporadic basis.


As a local member, you'll have the opportunity to experience a hands-on recovery experience and many community events. We take into consideration our members' locations and goals when facilitating these programs. 

Local Program Highlights

A woman with a spinal cord injury takes steps with the help of a walker and two Adapt trainers.
A group of wheelchair users are gathered in a brewery, They are talking and playing games.
The ground therapy studio is shown with a salt lamp in the foreground. There are two patients using ground therapy recliners to meditate.
A woman has electrodes placed on her legs. An Adapt trainer is using an iPad to deliver treatment via the elctrodes.
A physical therapist is using virtual reality therapy with a patient.
Two wheelchair users are completing an adaptive group workout class.
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